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The Lodge is a first-class place to stay and hunt, mixing the wilds of nature with  premium lodging.  Elk and other animals have a natural habitat at the property and adjacent national forest.  This benefits our hunters by having elk that are not overly pressured.  Also, due to the Spring Fire of 2018, the elk hunting has  improved due to the new grasses that attract the elk along with the lack of cover making it much easier to locate them.  Elk hunting is never easy, but opportunity abounds at The Lodge! 

*RMWL is NOT an outfitter*

Stay at the Lodge and have the ability to hunt: 

  • Elk 

  • Mule Deer 

  • Bear

  • Turkey

Benefits of hunting at The Lodge:

  • Natural habitat for elk, deer and bear. There's no shortage of animals!

  • Premium Lodging

  • Convenience! No waking up even earlier and driving to your hunt area. Just walk out the door! 

Success over the YEars

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